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Medical device OEM’s world wide have now turned to CALTORQUE MEDICAL’s high function/high precision torque/ratchet instruments to safely assist and improve surgical implant procedures that deploy orthopedic screws, plates and rods. Original equipment manufacturers, including the world’s largest medical device companies, use CALTORQUE MEDICAL as the preferred surgical solution for multiple and single procedure torque ratcheting instruments and kits in the Orthopedic, Spine, Cranio-Maxillofacial (CMF) and Recon/Trauma Cardiac Rhythm Management, Neuro Surgical, Neuromodulation, markets.

CALTORQUE has designed and delivered millions of single-use, multiple use and reusable instruments to our medical device customers. CALTORQUE MEDICAL instrument’s quality is recognized globally for the soft durometer feel, the combination torque limiting and ratcheting functions in the same instrument and the ergonomic, robust, design and precision performance.

Robust multiple use and disposable instruments are being embraced by leading Orthopedic, Spine, Trauma, Extremity, and CMF professionals as alternatives to complex and expensive reusable devices. Adoption of single-use instruments and multiple use limited life cost responsible instruments ensures torque calibration accuracy, reduced cost, logistics reductions and O.R. productivity, improved waste and reclamation programs, while virtually eliminating hospital acquired infections (HAI’s) due to improperly processed instrument cleaning procedures.

Located in Southern California, CALTORQUE MEDICAL is an award-winning product company with ISO 13485:2003 certification, and CE Mark compliant designs. Caltorque Medical has certified and built and opened a state of the art ISO Class 7 clean room medical device production facility. Our clean room meets and exceeds all ISO Class 7, particulate requirements. Our facility employs, HEPA filtration, Positive Pressure manufacturing, air locks, pass through portals, clean air wash stations and temperature and humidity control air handling management. Further, we are a Bio Burden controlled facility which ensures our multiple sterilization processes are always in compliance.

The company has proven engineering design excellence to rapidly take any product concepts and kits to market.

Medical device products and implants require torque ranges from a few oz. in, as in CRM and Neuro Modulation applications, to over 120 lb. in. force. (12 Nm) for many demanding orthopedic spine, trauma, recon and extremity procedures.

CALTORQUE MEDICAL offers the most complete family of disposable, multiple use, cost responsible reusable torque limiting/ratcheting instruments and single procedure kits for medical device OEM companies world wide.